Shelby (lilacteddybear) wrote in face_the_jury,


All right. Listen up, you guys..

First order of business, me. I'm Shelby, your new moderator. If you have anything at all to say, that you need/want, don't hesitate to come to me. I don't bite, most of the time. :-)


Don't be alarmed at the changes being made in the upcoming days.. Jes and I will be deleting everything, including previous entries, user info.. you get the picture.

We're going to be implementing new rules, and we'll post those as soon as they are agreed upon.

If anyone has any ideas for layouts, user icons, rules, input WHATSOEVER, you can reach me (you know how to find my contact info, yes?) or her, and we'll take your ideas into consideration.

Thank you for being patient..
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