oh sweet catastrophe. (justagirlx03) wrote in face_the_jury,
oh sweet catastrophe.

* and in a color portrait world she believes that she's got it all *

hey cupcakes, i'm andi. i'm not sure if it's too late or whatever to join, but if possible i'd like to be rated on personality as well as looks. here's me ...

posing in the mirror.

likes: starbucks, matchbox twenty, 9O21O ((the show)), tinkerbell, john mayer, love hewitt, mandy moore, mariah carey, the word sexified, headbands, funky clothes, b+w photos, horoscopes, thrift shopping, + kisses in the rain.
dislikes: petty girls, d.r.a.m.a, candy, swimming, + attention whores.
basically, i'm a down to earth kinda chick who enjoys the simple things in life + i'm having fun growing up + learning who i am. =]

if you want to see more pics, i have a lot on my userinfo, + if you comment on my lj, i'll add you as a friend + you'll be able to discover me some more. <33

me + tinkerbell, haha. imadork, but i <3 her!

blurry picture, but i think the texture looks cool.
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Awww... you're too cute! :)
oh mah goodness, thank yooooou <3
Not a problem! I added you to my list! :)
You're freakin adorable. You've got this really really unique face, and that's a good thing. And your personality is really unique too. I give you yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Ok. You win. :-p

*cheeks turning red* me oh my, you made my day! thanks so much buttercup, thats so sweet of you <3
you just made MY day! You called me buttercup!!! :-D *cheeks turn red too*
lol aww. i think this is the cutest community with the cutest people in it that i've ever joined. =]
well dear, as soon as jess gives me the "official ok" to be her fellow mod, i will be sure you get the "stampy-thing" (yes, that is what it seems to be dubbed here).. and you will then forever hold our mark, meaning we own your soul muahahahahaha
yayness <3 sounds like a plan.
thank you =]



15 years ago


you're totally ADORABLE in everyway!
whoa.. with all of our yeses combined, I think she got more yeses than everyone in this community put together. :-p Cept I got one "yes times 10" .. hmm, I think we were enthusiastic enough, yes? :-)
lol, rock on for your yes x's 1O <3 you guys are oh so cute. thank you for making me smile from head to toe!
whoa. it didn't look like you had that big of a mouth. :-) My mouth doesn't reach to my toes, but if it did, i sure would be smilin down there!
that took me a minute, but i got it! lolllll.
ahhh *dies* you are such a sweetheart! thank you <3 + your icon is just so full of cuteness. i think i mentioned that on my lj, but i can't say it enough. haha.