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face_the_jury's Journal

Face The Jury
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to face_the_jury
Whats is this community about?
This community is for anyone who believes they are attractive in any way. If you are one of these people keep reading this bit of info then feel free to give it a shot. There are two ways to be considered attractive by someone, they are personality and physical appearance. These are the two ways you can be judged at this community. And when we say judged we mean voted as hot or not.
How are people judged?
When you join this community choose either personality, physical appearance or both to be judged on. Personality is extreemly hard for people to judge by one post in the community so our suggestion is to make your post as interesting as possible. Use humor, sarcasm, whatever you gotta do to make yourself look good. If you choose physical appearance on your first post supply at least one fairly decent quality picture of yourself (preferably of your face) You may post body shots, but they are subject to much more ridicule from members. If you choose both than post a picture and show off your personality.
Who is the judge?
Only other community members may judge members. Remember you may recieve a lot of ridicule from some people...that's life...do not go off and slit your wrists cause someone here voted "no"

  • Once you join make a post, as stated above choose one of the two areas to be judged on...or choose both.
  • You know you have been accepted when a moderator counts up your votes, and tells you if you have been or not. The moderators names are listed below. No one else may count up the votes...only moderators.
  • Only accepted members may vote
  • Moderators will try to keep everything smooth for you, if someone takes their comment a little too far (use common sense) then a moderator may do what they see fit.
  • further down it says once you are voted on you may post other pictures ect...please say if you want people to vote on these new pictures, so we don't end up revoting on a person who has already been accepted.

    The Moderators Are
    (still on the lookout for more mods)

    ***Members of the community are not voting on wether you get acess to vote, but if you are attractive in anyway. Anyone who joins the community can vote, but moderators will count the votes and let you know if you are hot or not. If you are not voted hot feel free to try as many times as you like. Although only people who were voted as hot may enter in the upcoming contests (example:best smile).***

    As soon as there are at least 15 members I'll start the awards up...yah know, best smile, hair, abs, funniest...so help promote the community!!

    Once you have been accepted feel free to post whatever you like...pictures of your cat, messy room, new hair color. Someone on the internet stealing your pictures or lj stuff (backgrounds/icons/ect) make a post about it. Did you find someone who types L!k3 th!$ through their entire journal and want to share in the laughing make a post. lol. And remember to vote vote vote!!!!